What Are The Best Techniques For Graffiti Removal?

graffiti removal

Graffiti removal Kew is one of the most common subjects that are covered by news articles, magazines, and television shows. Graffiti is defined as ‘tagging’ a publicly owned building or object with a paint chip or other kind of graffiti marker. Graffiti is commonly associated with urban decay, urban battles, or even street protests, as it’s used as a tool to promote and comment on these events. Over time, graffiti has been seen as an unacceptable act by many, and is banned by many governments across the world. As such, many municipalities have sought to ban the practice completely, or at least make it too difficult for it to happen.


To remove graffiti quickly and effectively, many municipalities have invested in graffiti removal equipment such as pressure washers, paint sponges, pressure washers with rotary scrubbers, and even acid-free paint thinner. These tools are designed to quickly and effectively remove the majority of graffiti from residential and commercial areas, and often work much better than conventional paint Sprays. In addition, these products are environmentally friendly and do not harm surfaces that they are cleaned on.


A less extreme form of graffiti removal Melbourne are the more traditional methods such as dry ice blasting, sandblasting, or heat painting techniques. Dry ice blasting is often used to remove patches of graffiti on vehicles. Sandblasting is often used in areas where paint is new and a barrier has not yet been laid. Heat painting techniques will dry ice blast any surface and make it almost impossible for the graffiti to re-appear.

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Whether you’re tackling a small piece of graffiti on a car bumper, or maintaining the exterior of your business premises, the best way to get rid of it permanently is to apply an effective graffiti removal product to the affected area. Unfortunately, many property owners are simply too lazy to even look into a product before they apply it, let alone use it correctly on their property. However, if you want to ensure that you’re able to continue to enjoy your property for years to come, then you need to take action today.


As mentioned above, the best way to remove graffiti permanently is to apply a protective coating to the affected surface using a Graffiti Remover. If you’re working on a car body or a brick wall, make sure you apply a high quality Graffiti Remover, not some bargain-basement product you picked up off the high street. Applying Graffiti Remover correctly is very important, so always make sure that you read the instructions before applying it. Applying Graffiti Remover in the correct fashion can reduce the visibility of the graffiti on the surface, which could hinder the completion of your project. Always ensure that the Graffiti Remover is applied thoroughly across the surface, including any recesses and depressions.


If you find that the graffiti has spread across your entire property, you may need to further reduce the visibility by washing the area with water and soap. Water and soap can help to break down the graffiti, although you may need to scrub areas more than once to fully remove all traces of the offending graffiti. If after washing and scrubbing your graffiti-removal attempts simply aren’t successful, you will need to contact a specialist graffiti removal company to carry out the correct procedures.