Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Exposed Aggregate Driveways 101

Compared to other materials, exposed aggregate driveways require longer construction. These materials are more durable and can last for many years if maintained properly. During construction, installers spray the surface with specially formulated chemicals to prevent the top layer from hardening. A protective plastic sheeting is placed on the driveway to prevent it from hardening. Once the surface is completed, the top layer of concrete is removed by power washing.

The exposed aggregate finish requires more maintenance than standard concrete, but it is well worth it. This type of driveway does not require extensive sweeping, and only requires periodic re-sealing to keep it looking great. The exposed aggregate surface also provides a moss- and ant-free environment. The process of installation is also easy and involves only basic tools. Even a non-professional can easily perform the task, but it is recommended that you contact a professional to perform the installation. This material is affordable, making it a perfect choice for large driveways.

Exposed aggregate concrete is a durable material. It can withstand heavier vehicles, and is very resistant to stains. Additionally, this material is extremely practical because it is a hardwearing and ant-free surface. As with most concrete surfaces, exposed aggregate driveways require minimal upkeep. However, they must be re-sealed every couple of years to ensure they are protected from wear and tear.

Another great use for exposed aggregate is for patios and pool decks. Since the stones are smooth, they do not require any traction. The natural riverstones are very comfortable to walk on and they have a variety of coloured dyes to match any decor. Whether you want a dazzlingly coloured driveway or a plain, basic concrete driveway, you’ll love the results! This versatile material is an excellent choice for any home improvement project.

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An exposed concrete driveway Melbourne is a great choice for a driveway on a slope. This material is safe for people with limited mobility and is a great choice for homes with sloped driveways. Moreover, the rough surface of exposed aggregate driveways is non-slip and provides a stable walking surface. Traditional concrete requires grit to make it safe to walk on, but this doesn’t happen with exposed aggregate.

Exposed aggregate driveways look great and are easy to maintain. These concrete surfaces can be used in hardscaping, pool decks, and sidewalks. The exposed aggregate driveways also look very good in terms of curb appeal. Potential buyers will see your property as attractive, which increases its value. The added beauty of an exposed aggregate driveway is a great asset to your home. There are many other benefits to an Exposed Acre Driveway

Despite its durability, exposed aggregate driveways are not as easy to clean as concrete. For this reason, it’s important to choose a high-quality driveway cleaning service. A company can offer this service for you. The service may also include a professional inspection. For more information on exposed aggregate driveways, contact a local contractor. Aside from being attractive, this material also provides a long-term value to your home.